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30 capsules

Colostrum is a fluid secreted by the mammary gland of all mammals before the true milk is produced (about 24-48 hours after birth). It is very thick; rich in highly digestible proteins, minerals and vitamins; and is lower in fat and sugar than milk

Laboratory tests show that the content of immune factors in goat colostrum is about 40 times greater than in human colostrum

Colostrum enhances antioxidant and immunostimulant activity. Human clinical trials using colostrum show improved markers of gastrointestinal barrier health and enhanced absorption of carbohydrates and amino acids in the intestine

The main constituents of goat colostrum:

1. Growth factors (GH, IGFI and 2, EGF)
2. Immune factors (IgG, IgM, IgA, Cytochine, Interleukins Interferon)
3. Essential amino acids (taurine)
4. Protein (lactoferrin, lactalbumin)
5. Vitamins A, B, E and traces of all other minerals

GMO free; free from wheat grain, gluten, added sugar and soya

Directions for use
1 - 2 capsules twice daily, between meals or as directed by your healthcare practitioner
Contents - each capsule contains:
Goat's Colostrum (freeze-dried and pasteurised)
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