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Lemon and Tea Tree Candle - Organic & Naturally Scented

Lemon and Tea Tree Candle - Organic & Naturally Scented
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These high quality vegetable wax candles are free from petroleum based paraffin wax, animal or beeswax.  They are made from organically grown palm wax ethically sourced from West Malaysia which does not contribute to deforestation. 

Palm wax can easily be washed out of fabric without leaving an oil residue (unlike paraffin waxes).
The essential oil fragrances are totally pure, with natural scents which give a pleasant aroma that is not overpowering. 

The essential oils used to fragrance these candles are of the highest quality, in order to ensure a clean burn without any black smoke.


Votive (18-20 hours burning duration)

Medium (40 hours burning duration)

Contents -
Made in the UK, additive free, not tested on animals
Ethically sourced Palm oil
Organically sourced essential oils
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