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Meloderm 100% - Irradiated UMF15+ Active Manuka Honey

Meloderm 100% - Irradiated UMF15+ Active Manuka Honey
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The honey is irradiated to minimise and eradicate any theoretical spores that can occur in natural products. Gamma irradiation is used since heating the Manuka Honey weakens the UMF strength of the honey.

The honey has an antibacterial strength of 15 and so has powerful therapeutic uses. Meloderm 100% comes in a tube for convenient application. It is suitable for many external applications including minor abrasions such as burns, cuts and grazes to deeper more serious long term wounds.

Please note: this product is not suitable for use as a cream or ointment. It is pure honey and is ideally suited for external applications and should be applied to the affected site and then covered with a sterile dressing material, or alternatively applied both to the affected site and also to the dressing. If you require a UMF Manuka Honey ointment suitable for skin problems that do not require a wound dressing please see our Meloderm 40% ointment.

Please also note: this product is intended for external use and is not suitable for internal consumption. Not suitable for children under 1 year of age.


Recommended Dosage..
Use according to practitioner instruction
Contents - 125g
100% UMF 16+ Active Manuka Honey
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