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Activated Charcoal 300mg

Activated Charcoal 300mg
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60 capsules

Activated charcoal is a highly micro-porous natural adsorbent - a process in which atoms and molecules attach themselves onto a solid or liquid surface. In this way, charcoal traps unwanted toxins and chemicals in the body, preventing their absorption and helps to facilitate their removal.

Activated charcoal is designed to help reduce build up of intestinal gas & can be used to treat flatulence.

Pure Bio high strength 300mg pure activated charcoal is 100% sourced from sustainable coconut shells. 

Manufactured in the UK to GMP standards

Special Note
Activated charcoal may also adsorb food nutrients, vitamins, and minerals and should therefore not be consumed every day
Activated charcoal's high absorbency may reduce the effectiveness of certain medications
Recommended Dosage..
Take 2 capsules after meals, one to three times daily, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner
Contents - One vegetable capsule provides:
Activated charcoal powder
other ingredients: organic rice extract, vegetarian capsule (hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose)
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