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Sports & Rehab Products

Within this section you will find a wide range of products to facilitate and enhance your sporting and rehab needs.

From hot/cold packs, to Stability Balls and balance cushions for rehabilitation work; through to envionmentally friendly and BPA-free Sport Bottles for your workouts; we can fully support your exercise needs.

Also, take a look at our exciting and complete range of Sports Nutrition from Pure Encapsulations, to support all from the sports enthusiast to right through to competitive athletes.

The range incorporates products to support the foundations of nutritional requirements for athletic training; as well as products to provide pre-exercise energy and facilitate post-exercise recovery.

Pure Encapsulations were proud sponsors of 11 athletes who competed in the 2010 Winter Olympics!

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FiveFingers (Vibram) MENS CLASSIC
FiveFingers (Vibram) MENS CLASSIC
FiveFingers (Vibram) WOMENS BIKILA
FiveFingers (Vibram) WOMENS BIKILA
KOR DELTA - Water Bottle 750ml
KOR DELTA - Water Bottle 750ml